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My Projects!


Chicken 4 War

Chicken 4 War is a youtube channel I'm making that mainly focuses on gaming. It's been on a hiatus because I haven't been feeling motivated.


This youtube channel is all about my horror projects that I'm planning to do. I have always wanted to make some horror of my own. What a nice way to start.


SaltedBirdMeat Productions is where I will make tiny little movies and videos and stuff because when I'm older I want to become a filmmaker.



A Meatsleep-Inspired Analog Horror ARG that never really kicked off. I made like, 3 episodes of it and then I deleted it. It became the foundations of later projects, such as...

Simcoe County Television Center

It is another Analog Horror series, this time a Local58 clone. It had 3 episodes, but it failed because I never bothered to ever write lore for it. Eventually it became a rotting dumpster pile. I tried to bring it back, but it died before I made one episode of it.


You probably know what this was. Yup. Another Damn Analog Horror Series. This one was about a cult. I wrote like, really in-depth lore about this one, and then never did anything with it again. Really disappointing. I was really looking forward to it.

The Tyulovsk Archives

Another Analog Horror series. Damn, I should rename this one to "My Analog Horrors". To put it shortly, it was a series about a fictional nuclear disaster. Really liked the idea of this one. I might revive it one day. Who knows?

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